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From its offices in Collin County and Denton County, Texas, the Law Offices of Tim Powers serves clients accused of a number of misdemeanors and felonies. Driving while intoxicated (DWI) is a common offense handled by attorneys at the Law Offices of Tim Powers.

When a driver is pulled over by law enforcement and intoxication is suspected, the officer may administer a field sobriety test. A field sobriety test, commonly abbreviated as FST, involves a driver answering questions and performing a series of movements. The intended purpose of an FST is to test a person’s motor and cognition function.

Common exercises in an FST include reciting the alphabet and bringing a finger to one’s noise. In addition to physical movements, law enforcement officers evaluate a person’s ability to follow commands properly. If a person is charged with a DWI, an attorney may challenge the validity of the FST as part of a defense strategy.


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The Law Offices of Tim Powers Supports the Denton 100 Club

Since 1997, the Law Offices of Tim Powers has served the criminal defense needs of the citizens of Denton County, Texas, and the surrounding region. One of the ways in which the firm strives to do so is to engender positive relationships with the area’s law enforcement community, such as the firm’s charitable support of the Denton 100 Club.

An all-volunteer, registered non-profit organization, the Denton 100 Club endeavors to support the police department of Denton, Texas—including its officers and their families—in times of need. In the normal course of activity, the Denton 100 Club provides equipment and training resources to help keep officers safe. Under more extreme circumstances, such as when an officer is injured or killed in the line of duty, the club provides financial assistance to the officer’s family.

Since its founding, the Denton 100 Club has raised and apportioned over $100,000 in assistance to the department, its officers, and their family members. For more information on the Denton 100 Club or to contribute, please visit http://www.denton100club.com.

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The Denton State Supported Living Center

The Denton, Texas-based Law Offices of Tim Powers has a substantial record of assisting in the defense of criminal and DWII cases in Denton County, Texas and the surrounding areas. In addition to providing effective counsel to its clients, the Law Offices of Tim Powers is engaged as a responsible member of the local community. One of the several charities the firm supports is the Denton State Supported Living Center (DSSLC).

Formerly The Denton State School, the Denton State Supported Living Center provides an idyllic, active, and therapeutic home for over 580 individuals diagnosed with profound mental disabilities. Now in its 53rd year of service, DSSLC serves 18 North Texas counties and is the largest of 12 homes operated under the auspices of the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services. Additionally, the Center employs a staff of more than 1,600 individuals in order to provide 24/7 resident care.

For more information on the facility, programs, and efforts of the Denton State Supported Living Center, or to volunteer services, please visit www.dentonstatesupportedlivingcenter.org.

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The Law Offices of Tim Powers: Child Support Laws in Texas

A criminal and family law firm, the Law Offices of Tim Powers serve residents of Denton County and surrounding North Texas regions. Tim Powers, founder and managing attorney of the Law Offices of Tim Powers, commands more than 15 years of experience in private practice. As a family law attorney, he handles divorce and related disputes, such as child custody and support.

At the center of every divorce involving child dependents exists a central focus on determining the future of the child or children as related to custody sharing, health care, education, and child support. A quality divorce lawyer helps to establish fair and equitable child support plans, thus better ensuring that both parents will meet their sides of the agreement in the future.

Under Denton County and Texas law, determining appropriate child support arrangements depends on several factors. These factors include the number of children involved and the income of each parent. In addition, the courts take into account the income generated by businesses and properties owned by either parent, as well as the amount of childcare and health care costs paid by either parent.

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Law Offices of Tim Powers: Implied Consent to DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) Testing

For almost two decades, the Law Offices of Tim Powers has offered comprehensive criminal and DWI defense representation through the firm’s Denton, Texas, office. To date, the firm has helped thousands of DWI defendants and built an unparalleled record of success in challenging these charges.

In Texas, any time a police officer lawfully arrests an individual whom he or she believes has been operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol, that individual must submit to a breath or blood test. This requirement falls under what is known as Texas’ “implied consent” law, which states that anyone arrested in such a manner automatically consents to testing. If the individual refuses, he or she is subject to a license suspension for 180 days.

There are, however, stipulations to this process. The officer must explain the consequences both verbally and in writing. The officer must also explain that if the individual takes the test and is found to have blood alcohol content (BAC) above the legal limit, the person will receive a minimum 90-day suspension. Only after explaining these consequences can the officer formally ask the person to submit to testing.

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