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The Law Offices of Tim Powers: Child Support Laws in Texas

A criminal and family law firm, the Law Offices of Tim Powers serve residents of Denton County and surrounding North Texas regions. Tim Powers, founder and managing attorney of the Law Offices of Tim Powers, commands more than 15 years of experience in private practice. As a family law attorney, he handles divorce and related disputes, such as child custody and support.

At the center of every divorce involving child dependents exists a central focus on determining the future of the child or children as related to custody sharing, health care, education, and child support. A quality divorce lawyer helps to establish fair and equitable child support plans, thus better ensuring that both parents will meet their sides of the agreement in the future.

Under Denton County and Texas law, determining appropriate child support arrangements depends on several factors. These factors include the number of children involved and the income of each parent. In addition, the courts take into account the income generated by businesses and properties owned by either parent, as well as the amount of childcare and health care costs paid by either parent.


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