The Law Offices of Tim Powers Supports the Denton 100 Club

Since 1997, the Law Offices of Tim Powers has served the criminal defense needs of the citizens of Denton County, Texas, and the surrounding region. One of the ways in which the firm strives to do so is to engender positive relationships with the area’s law enforcement community, such as the firm’s charitable support of the Denton 100 Club.

An all-volunteer, registered non-profit organization, the Denton 100 Club endeavors to support the police department of Denton, Texas—including its officers and their families—in times of need. In the normal course of activity, the Denton 100 Club provides equipment and training resources to help keep officers safe. Under more extreme circumstances, such as when an officer is injured or killed in the line of duty, the club provides financial assistance to the officer’s family.

Since its founding, the Denton 100 Club has raised and apportioned over $100,000 in assistance to the department, its officers, and their family members. For more information on the Denton 100 Club or to contribute, please visit


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